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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Indie Revolution

Indie Revolution is about embracing the diversity of fashion and finding where your voice can be heard in it.

The Etsy Revolution

Join us as we revolt against strict rules & embrace our fellow Etsians' quirks. Life is short, so lets have some fun together!

Tattered Revolution

Upcyclers with a flair for funky, bohemian, mori girl, shabby chic, farmhouse chic, rustic, primitive, grunge, salvage, distressed, etc

Featured Seller Revolution on Etsy

Welcome to the Ravelry group for the Featured Sellers Revolution on Etsy.

Subculturerebellion: Art is revolution

Art is revolution. Art has integrity, Art can incite the passion in others it takes to make a difference.

North Florida Craft Revolution

Etsy friends in the Jacksonville, Florida area!

Creative Revolutionaries

Members of The Creative Revolution

Etsy Permaculture Team

Revolution disguised as gardening!