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Creative Revolutionaries

Members of The Creative Revolution


This is a team for people who would like to see Etsy return back to its original roots.

Militia of the Immaculata

Recruitment/support team for M.I. and the Blue Army. Solemnly dedicated to Our Lady.


To united all Artists/makers/creators of or in Hong Kong

Les Miserables

For people who create anything (mugs, prints, shirts, plush toys, anything!) that is Les Miserables related! (book, movie, play)

Subculturerebellion: Art is revolution

Art is revolution. Art has integrity, Art can incite the passion in others it takes to make a difference.

Creative Visions

Words are powerful. The simple sounds uttered or the written word can evoke such emotions. This team will be dedicated to that.

Early America Re-enactors & Craftsmen

Reenactors of the French & Indian War and The American Revolution and Craftsmen

Indie Revolution

Indie Revolution is about embracing the diversity of fashion and finding where your voice can be heard in it.

Pole Dance Revolution

Pole Dancing has become the new work-out craze!! Post items here that relate!!