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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Sacramento Etsy

Open to all Etsy-ers of Sacramento

Sacramento Sewn

Seamsters and Seamstresses of Sacramento! A friendly venue in which to discuss/share all Sac has to offer and aid us in plying our craft.

west sacramento creaters

for people who love to creat art and home made stuff like scoping, painting sewing, netting, and drawing,

Sac Etsy Team

The Sac Etsy Team is a local group dedicated to bringing together Etsy sellers from the Sacramento metro area.

California's Central Valley

Linking artists and crafters in the great Great Central Valley of California.

Gold Country Artists

Linking artists in California's beautiful Gold Country

Designing from the Heart

Welcome to Designing from the Heart!!! This team is here to help support and encourage each other on our business adventure.

hella crafty

A crafty-networking team for crafters who know the word "hella" and how to use it.

North Valley Artists

This team is for artists in Northern California that want to connect and grow as an artist.

Butte County CA Crafters

Butte County Crafter's are a group of etsy shops located north of Sacramento, CA