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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Increase your sales with our BNS team

Lots of views, no sales :-(

A team for people who have lots of views but no, or very few sales


Striving Etsy sellers who really want to build their sales.

500 Sales Club

A team for Etsy sellers who have achieved 500 sales or more.

Zero Sales Group

This is a place to promote your items is you have zero sales, and hopefully boost you to your very first order!

Lets Get Some SALES!

Lets Help Each Other Reach Our Sales Goal!!

Hearts & Sales Team

Give hearts, get hearts and hopefully get sales!

Sales Success Team

This team is for all buyers and all sellers who want to help promote yourself by also promoting others.for incresing their sales

Its on Sale Today!!!

When we have a sale, we want to advertise it!!!!

Shops Under X Sales

This team was created for Etsy sellers who are lacking in sales and for buyers who would like to give new shops some views and sales!