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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A group of ladies who live in San Antonio, TX and who like to sew.

San Antonio Texans Team

This team is for anyone on Etsy who lives in or around San Antonio, Texas! Let's get together and support our local crafters.

Create San Antonio

Lets get together Folks of SA!

San Antonio, Texas

this team is for people who live in the area of San Antonio who are artsy and craftsy.

A Marriage To Cherish San Antonio

This is for promoting Christian marriages and families.

San Martian Etsians

Get to know your fellow San Martian Etsians!

Heart of Texas

A team that encourages and supports each other in the great state of Texas

If you like to "piddle" other words, craft, design, create, sew, draw, name it, please share!

Artists with Epilepsy

All artists with Epilepsy Invited!