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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

San Francisco Vintage Enthusiast

Etsy shops that sell vintage clothes with owners residing in the Bay Area.


RAW is an opportunity for artists to showcase their unique talents and original works

rainbow unicorn

this team is for unicorns/pegasus lovers and one who identify themselves as unicorns/pegasus.


a creative art team

Bay Area Nerd Girls

Etsy Team showcasing the talents of members of BANG (Bay Area Nerd Girls)

Persian art

Persian/Iranian Art and culture

SF Book Lover Artists and Crafters

A team for artists and crafters who create items inspired by the written word. Don't have any items yet? Share ideas here.

Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco

Our goal is to create community, promote and increase visibility of our ETSY Bazaar Bizarre members.

San Francisco Style, Fashion and Apparel Designers

Helping promote and collaborate between San Francisco Bay Area fashion and apparel designers on Etsy. Meetups, help with marketing and more!

Fashion Shoot in San Francisco

Looking to partner with designers for a full day fashion shoot in SF with two models, one makeup artist and one assistant on 1/13/13.