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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Save the vintage!

Love vintage? This team is for you!

Saved Snippets for Convos

This prototype helps you save text to reuse and personalize in convos.

Kimberly Designs

Invitations, Cards and Save The Dates for Planning a Wedding or Attending a Wedding... Enjoy!

Saved Item Stash

This prototype makes it easy to gather items as you shop. Just drag and drop items to the bottom of the page.


Groupon Type Deals & Product Testing

the beauty will save the world

jewelry, bags and all that will make us more beautiful

The Crafters of Xanga

To help fundraise for the saving of Xanga!


Team of Artists Saving Lives

Buy Vintage and Save our Country!

Helping Vintage Shops build a viable business while showing others how buying Vintage can change so many peoples financial lives!