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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Art Curators Dream team

Online "Gallery" of Etsy artists

art team

The Art Team is a group of artists or galeries who sell art works on Etsy.


Team EBSQ-Etsy is comprised of Self Representing Artists who are members of EBSQ, whose artwork can also be found on Etsy.


We are a team for artists on Etsy who work their art by using several different media in each piece they create.

The HandMade Division

A group of artists from all media, who's vision is constantly expanding, and creating new, high end work.

Etsy Plush Team

A group of artists committed to the promotion and creative development of dolls, stuffed toys and all the soft areas in between.

Finding Fine Art

A curated collection of Fine Art on Etsy for discerning collectors.

Fine Art Friday

A celebration of Fine Art on Etsy.

Pottery Lovers--pottery makers, collectors, lovers of pottery items

Pottery Lovers Team is open to anyone who is interested in or has a love for pottery claywork!