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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


talk about blowing glass

Wire Goddess Team

Artisans, artists, and crafters of the feminine persuasion. addicted to working their wiles in wire.

Studio Potter Archive

All things Studio Pottery! Do you have a love for handmade pottery or are you a potter? If so, then we want to know you!

Boston area Fine Arts

Networking group for artists in the Boston Metro area, MetroWest and suburbs

Artists of Aotearoa

Artists based in New Zealand who specialise in 'fine arts.'

Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)

This is a vibrant team of creators from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, in Portland, Oregon. We welcome you to our community!

College for Creative Studies

This College for Creative Studies team was established to encourage student and alumni to market and sell their work.


All that make hand made goods are welcome

Bad Art

If you make bad art either on purpose or by accident, you belong here.

HAGUILD (Halloween Art Guild)

The Halloween Art Guild has been established to promote Halloween related artwork.