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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy second hand/vintage shops in Sweden

Sweden based etsy shops that sells vintage and/or second hand stuff unite!

Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling is a treasury team of vintage sellers and vintage buyers.

Painted Furniture

Hand painted furniture and home decor


A London-based design collective creating unique, hand crafted luxury goods.


for those of us who love a good junk day.


We help to promote your work through Facebook.com/Retrash and Retrash.com to increase your exposure and sales.

Etsy Ethical makers UK

A support network of Etsy sellers in the UK who sell products made using ethical materials and practices.

Thrive Lifestyle

Salt Spring Island Etsy Sellers Curated by Thrive Lifestyle

Vintage Books

This team is for Vintage Book lovers only...what a library there is!

Buyers-eye view

Buyers speaking for buyers; to buyers; with sellers and etsy admin. The silent majority speaks :-)