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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Local Bazaars

Lets get some traffic to local bazaars! Advertize the bazaars that you are going to sell at or are coordinating. Lets Shop Local!

London Local Team

A space for Etsy sellers based in London to share ideas, support each other and be part of Local seller events.


Make Local, Sell Local, Buy Local


We are a team made up of local people selling crafts.

San Francisco Bay Area Etsy Sellers & Buyers

This is a team that supports local buyers and sellers. Please feel free to join if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A community for buying and selling crafts, locally made in Oregon.

South Bend Etsy Sellers

A collaboration of South Bend, Indiana artists who gather together in one space to sell their craft,


This team is for members to discuss upcoming craft shows in the Fort Wayne area as well as surrounding areas.