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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Sellers For Sellers

This is a team to offer support, a sounding board, and advice forum and a place to vent frustrations that are frowned upon in the forums.

Sellers Cafe

A place for sellers to speak freely among themselves about their business or topic dujour.

Buyers and Sellers

Where buyers can find sellers.

Etsy Sellers

Etsy Sellers is a fun, friendly group for sellers and lovers of all things handmade!!! A place to promote, get advice, and make friends!

Thoughtful Sellers

A platform where sellers can come together and discuss creativity and thought. Where the boundaries of imagination and design are tested.

Bloggers & Sellers

The Team needs BLOGGERS :) PROMOTE YOUR ITEMS AND BLOG The sellers needs visibility, the bloggers needs items.

Tapped In Sellers

Forum for discussing proximity tag use cases and comparing notes!

International Sellers

International Sellers (Outside in USA)

Sales for Sellers

In this group we are focused on helping our fellow Etsy Sellers boost their sales!