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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Team Uplift

Etsy sellers & artist aspiring to Uplift and share the love of Christ with others through there products and/or services.

Wisconsin Prop Swap

This is a group for Wisconsin Prop Vendors and Wisconsin Photographers to collaborate and swap services/products to help each other out!

Indie A List

Bring small businesses (built on integrity, that thrive on offering great customer service and quality products) to the front line of Etsy.

The Keeley Consulting Group

The Keeley Group provides ocean and coastal policy development and communications, strategic planning and facilitation services.

The Shearin Group Leadership Training

Shearin Group Training Services leadership programs have been assisting companies in France.

AMI Clinic

The AMI Clinic is the foremost physiotherapy clinic in Bedford, offering the services of different kind of alternative therapy.

Micron Associates Technology Blog

We are a boutique brokerage company that has been around since 2006. We offer financial services with a personal touch, we worry about your

Orange County Craft Events

We host monthly events which feature local handmade artists artists, provide workshops, pampering services, and a great place to mingle.


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