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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Crafty Sew and Sew

A place for all things crafty,

Sew Loving

Quilters from all over the world providing comfort for kids in need.

Sew Wonderful

A perfect gift for all ages!

Sew Inspired

A team of members of the Sewing Inspiration and Tutorials Facebook Group

Sew Queer

LGBTQBA Sewers (Family Friendly)

Baby Knit and Sew

Do you make baby or toddler clothing? Or are you looking to buy some? You'll find it here!

Sew It Yourself

For Sellers of Sew It Yourself ( SIY and DIY ) Kits

We Sew Retro

We Sew Retro is a community of ladies and gents who adore vintage patterns, vintage fabric, and vintage style.

Sew Many Sewers

Especially for people who sew!

SEW Happy to get Sales!

For Etsy Shop Keepers who have sewing based crafts and want to support, help, and teach each other how to run a successful shop.