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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Just Sewing

The place for sewing talk.

Sewing for Character

This team is all about sewing for the goodness of others. If you love to sew and you would like to promote your business, join now!

Sew It Yourself

For Sellers of Sew It Yourself ( SIY and DIY ) Kits

Sewing and Selling

Anything and everything sewing, tips and tricks for Etsy selling and getting your shop seen. And hopefully an occasional laugh.

Sewing Away

For all of the people that like to sew and promote

Sewing Team

Sewing Team - a team created for people who love sewing and are very creative about it.


for anyone that is addicted to sewing, and will try to sew anything at least once:)

Sew Inspired

A team of members of the Sewing Inspiration and Tutorials Facebook Group

Sewing in Yuma

Stay at home Moms with an Etsy shop.

Sewing USA

Handmade Items Made in USA