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Everything Children

This team is where you can, post your latest items, latest ideas, and much more. If your having a hard thinking of what to make come here.

My Little Chickadee Community

Join the My Little Chickadee Community for extra support and exposure at

Sewing Addicts Guide to Etsy Success

From beginners to experts this is the place to exchange ides, get help, post new projects, promote products & make friends!

Promotion Fanatics

For people that like to promote others while being promoted.

Artists and Animals

The Artists and Animals team is for Lovers of Animals, big & small & who want to help fellow Etsy shop owners by supporting & promoting them

Success Express

We are here to help you succeed with your Etsy experience. Shops with family friendly items or items viewable to young children are welcome.

Promo to Success

Using Promo to Success can help improve your Etsy sales by increasing views & favorites to your products. Open to all shop owners!

The Prowl

The Prowl Etsy Promo Team allow its team members to promote on The Prowl to help increase views and sells on our Etsy shops.

Indian Products

Shops which are selling Indian Products

Bath, Beauty, and Bling BNS Team

This is a BNS team for people who make products for bath, beauty, and bling! We will help promote your shop and make new friends!