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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

A.T.E.A.M Shopping

A.T.E.A.M Shopping is a sub group of A.T.E.A.M Team. It is a mailing group only.

Swap Shop

Turn your time and talents into treasure.

shopping experience

share shopping experience

Candy Shoppers

Folk from the candy shop swap group on ravelry

Small shops

An awesome team for new shop owners

Shop Promotion (:

Etsy team to promote all handmade etsy sellers and support each other through games, promos, and activities

Horsey shops

This is a team for everyone who makes horsey items to sell!

Sheboygan Shops

Because we're Cooler Near the Lake.

SKIRTeam Shoppers

A mailing list for SKIRTeam members and friends who want shopping board notices by email.