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Highwaisted Shorts Sellers

This team is a collection of shops who sell highwaisted shorts. This way, it is easy for buyers to scroll through and find their perfect ma


For all you Denim Lovers, I made this group so we can share are fringe tops and high waist-ed shorts lol join this team :)

Short Wear

This is for anyone who just loves shorts.

Bleach, Ombre, Dye, and Fringe Lovers

Love to upcycle clothes? Join the movement of cute clothes that have been bleached, ombred, dyed, or fringed!

grunge fashion

this team is for people who are into grunge/hipster fashion

Cool Beans Short Makers

We make snazzy shorts to wear and sell :D

this for that trading company

trade with others. From beads to studs. Fabric to dye.

Vintage denim International

For anyone and everyone that loves denim


Get discounts on Select clothing Before the Etsy Public!!

Denim Contemporary World

Upcycled, Distressed, Reconstructed and Embellished Denim Garments for Young and Old.