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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Art Show@Santa Anita Mall

We are having a huge Show @ the Santa Anita Mall. With an 'Artist Salon'.

Craft Show - Los Angeles Convention Center

Reserve your vendor booth for the December 14, 2013 show!

Etsy@Santa Anita Mall

Huge Mall Show for Etsy Sellers. Join Us!

ShowMe Etsy - St. Louis Metro and surrounding areas

We are a moderated team and hold membership drives as needed.

Etsy Wonderland

Everyone is welcomed to join! :) YAY!

Follow and Share Everywhere

Show Love To Your Etsy Team to help promote sells and get discovered.


SAVE THE ARTISTS...SHOP ETSY! CraftGypsies new revolution of artists and crafters who want to create new venues for selling arts and crafts

Mad Men Inspiration

For those looking for authentic 1960s clothing and furnishings, inspired by the TV show Mad Men.

Cape Cod Artisan Group

Looking to gather a great group living in the area of Marion Massachusetts! This is a great opportunity for us to have a craft show!