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Similar Taste

This team promotes treasuries that have a similar taste and style. These treasuries focus on beauty and creativity.

Similar Items in Search Results

Find what you are looking for faster when filtering by similar items in search.

Dusty and Rusty

For sellers or buyers of vintage and repurposed items.

Tiaras & Headdresses

A team for anyone who creates bridal headdresses or anyone who is looking to purchase a tiara or similar for their big day

Ark-La-Tex Artisans

To promote the businesses of Etsy members located in the Ark-La-Tex region

All About Filofax

A place to gather for anyone who sells items for Filofax Planners!

Made in PA

A team for craters happily making their items in PA!


A Team for all Steampunk and Victorian inspired Creatives

Fashion doll & 1/6 scale traders

This team is for other Etsy shop owners who want to trade for various Fashion doll sized items - 1/6 scale

Forever Kids at Heart

Actively promoting unique and fun items that kids of any age will enjoy!