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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Curating Company

The Curating Company is a moderated treasury team of Etsians who love making treasuries as a way to support and promote each others shops.

Swarovski Fans

For anyone that LOVES Swarovski Crystal!

Promo Swappers

A place for shop owners to collaborate and promote their shops through low cost/investment “Promo Swaps”.


The EtsyKids Team is a diverse group of talented and dedicated Etsy shop owners making items for babies, toddlers, and children.

Amys in the Arts

We are a group of artists joined together by one simple common thread: the name Amy

Etsy Paper

The Etsy Paper Team is a group of talented artists and crafters with shops that are paper related.

Etsy WEAVE Team

A team by, for, and about Etsy weavers

Etsy Folk

We add beauty to items of utility. Traditional or contemporary, type teametsyfolk for our team listings