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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Young Single Mothers Unite

This was created for single mothers using their creativity and gift to make ends meet! Lets get together and support one another!

Creative Single Moms & Dads

A team for single moms & dads to help support, encourage and promote each other.

I only sell one thing

Shops that only have one item listed or less.

Mama In Business

I women who has her own is so powerful, it teaches our own daughter's to follow in our creative path. Success is a beautiful thing.

The Real Housewives

A group for the real housewives fanatics all over the globe!

Moms Reinventing Themselves

Mom's using their creativity to evolve as moms and as women.


For all those crafty single mothers out there!

Sole Shop Owners on Etsy

This team is for Etsy shop owners that are the sole designers, and skilled makers of their own unique brands.

Etsy Dads

Dads helping other Dads succeed on Etsy. Also giving girlfriends, wifes and daughters a place to ask an opinion of gifts for Dads!

Task Force Team

Lets improve our Etsy shops! The team collectively improves on a single aspect of their shop each week.