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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Hearts to Heart

A team where we offer support to on another to boost views and of course sales!

Wedding Blog Advertising - The Overwhelmed Bride

I write for the every-day bride...daily tips and inspiration to get brides and grooms to and through their big day!

Wayfaring Maidens

A team for local women who run an Etsy shop and like to Event!

TopGirlyBoutiques FREE Paid Ad Spots!

To support beautiful handmade items made by talented artisans, we are offering Etsy members FREE paid ad spots on TopGirlyBoutiques.com

On Fire for Handmade

If you are On Fire for Handmade than this is the team for you!

Promote by teamwork

This is a team that is free for anyone to join. You can promote anything, but please keep it PG and Family oriented! I created this team bec

Team Elite

This team is a treasury promotion team and support team, WE ONLY REQUIRE TWO TEAM TREASURIES A MONTH.

360 Handmade

Learn more about art, design and making techniques and mediums, to be able to articulate your creations, and put yourself in perspective.

Proofread Each Others Blogs

Writing blogs takes a lot of hard work and the smallest typo can ruin a masterpiece.