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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


The SketchDaily team features active members of the r/SketchDaily group.

Art Journals

Does anyone create art journals?


This is a Team for ALL Artists who love to draw with INK and PENS. From Ball-Point to Quill-Tip! Enjoy!


Urban Sketchers selling art and prints on Etsy

Doodlers Doing Doodles

We do doodles. Do you do doodles too? If you do doodles like we do, come and join us in our doodling!

Free Motion Frenzy

This group is for those artists out there obsessed with using free motion sewing as an art form! Let's explore this medium together!

Artist Workout

A team meant for active illustrators, painters, drawers and those who want to improve their art skills as much as possible.

Irish images

For all Irish etsy users supplying images they created themselves

Artist Rampage

If art has a place deep within your heart, of all shapes and sizes and styles, please join us.