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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Leadership Skills

This is a faith based team for anyone interested in reading nuggets of wisdom about building character and becoming an effective leader.

Skill Exchange TEST3


Mad skills Beavers

A small team for networking, keeping in touch and sharing event info.

Etsy Skills Exchange

'You can do anything, but not everything' There are things we're good at, n things we aren't good at. So? Help each other:)

The Skill Collectors

For everyone who likes to explore more than one medium. Jack and Jills of all trades : )

Boardgame Replacement Pieces

Boardgame Pieces Need to More Than Cardboard

painting or relative product team

Here hope everybody crazy about the painting product could enjoy the creation of new pictures


A Skill Swap.. Designed to promote sustainable living and creative collaboration.

showing your items been made

showing your items been made that you sell on etsy

Crafty crafters

Show off your skills, promote your shops