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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Skill Collectors

For everyone who likes to explore more than one medium. Jack and Jills of all trades : )

Leadership Skills

This is a faith based team for anyone interested in reading nuggets of wisdom about building character and becoming an effective leader.

Mad skills Beavers

A small team for networking, keeping in touch and sharing event info.

Creative Minds & Skillful Hands

A team for London's aspiring artists, designers, crafters & musicians of all ages.

Boardgame Replacement Pieces

Boardgame Pieces Need to More Than Cardboard


A Skill Swap.. Designed to promote sustainable living and creative collaboration.

Artisan Anthology

A coop of highly skilled jewelry artisans


CreativeRVA seeks to share knowledge and spread the enjoyment of handmade in Richmond, Virginia.

Theotokos on Etsy

A team to enable Theotokos members to network and share skills.

clay charm team

use your ceartive skills to make cute charms