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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Small Business And Shop Development

The goal is to combine our know how to improve and build our small businesses.

Support Small Businesses!

Need help with support of your small business? Come here for help of all kinds!

Mommys Small Business

A group for mommies who own their own small business and who would like to help promote and support other mommies!

marketing for small business

John Kruer Web marketing strategy intended for Web

Blog Tutorials and Small Business Tips

Here wou will find easy to follow tutorials on how to improve your blog and articles on how to increase sales and business.

Business Questions

For all those wanting to share idea, ask questions, or answer questions about running a small business

Mission Small Business: Team Get Votes

This team is created to help eachother get votes


A group of people originally united by th FB networking page I Run A Small Business

SNOFS (Small Network of Fellow Sellers!)

Similar businesses who cross promote one another

Shop Small Promotion Team

A group of shops who promote others to shop small while also promoting each other.