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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

SNOFS (Small Network of Fellow Sellers!)

Similar businesses who cross promote one another

marketing for small business

John Kruer Web marketing strategy intended for Web


A group of people originally united by th FB networking page I Run A Small Business

The Ladypreneur Network - GTA

A network of women supporting women with small businesses in the General Toronto Area.

Handmade in Vancouver Networking Group

Whether you're trying to start your own business or have been selling your wares for years, let's help each other increase sales!

Central NJ Networking Group

This group is for small business owners in the local central NJ area to become a community offline as much as online!

Drumming Up Business

The Drumming Up Business Team is a group of like minded individuals with serious interest in drumming up business and focusing on success.

St. Louis MO Artisans Networking Team

St. Louis, MO. Artisan's Networking Team was created to help our local small businesses succeed.

Canadian SmallBusiness Skincare Product Shops - Marketing Your 'Stuff' in Canada FIRST!

Where we exchange/support each other in the HUGE Etsy community of natural/organic skincare product shops. Small business homemade only