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When Soap Artists Collide


RealSoap, the team dedicated to promoting real soapmakers.

Soap Share

Share your recipe's, packaging ideas and market strategy

advertise soaps

just advertise your listings get your self out there

Melt and Pour Soap Crafters!

Welcome, Melt and Pour method soap crafters, users and lovers!

Handmade Soap Galore

Makers of handmade soap, post what you want here as far as questions and advertising your fb or etsy shop here.

NW Soap Guild

For soap makers of all kinds based in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.

Canadian Soap & Body

If you're a Canadian who makes Soap or Body goodies then this team is for you!

UK & Ireland Soap Swap

Making your own Handmade Soap is great, but you never stop wanting to try something new.