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sock fanatics

we're super keen on socks

Glorious Socks

A team dedicated to the wonderful art of sock making

Team Sock Monkey

Forum for sock monkey fans of all ages to discuss, promote, and share their creations. Viva la Sock Monkey!

Made From Socks

Crafters that use socks as their main medium in one or more of their products.

The Punk Rock Sock Hop

The PRSH team on etsy is for shops that are involved/ or want to be involved in supporting/sponsoring the PRSH.

The Modern Apparel Community

Come together with a community of people who share the passion of modern apparel. This can range anywhere from aprons to corsets and socks.

Etsy Feet

A team for promoting the wide range of foot wear available on Etsy, and the makers and seller of shoes, boots, socks, and slippers!

People of Poi

This team is for anyone who enjoys poi!

Wheres The Yarn

Living Life As A Fiber Artist