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integrity specials

This Team is for Leaders of the Special - Integrity Team


Private team devoted to creating promotional treasuries

Special Seventies

Fans of the Seventies, welcome !

Parents of children with special needs

For any etsian with special needs child.


We are into selling of African wears and tourism

Photographers and Prop Sellers with Special Needs Children

This team is for those who would like to support the idea of using special needs children in advertising, while trading props for photos.

Let us buy or change

You are looking for something really special, but you are at a loss, there are so many shops here??!! Join us and write what you need!

Fashion Pipes - Special discounts for fans of Tobacco

Official Creative Artists Association and decorators of Ukraine

Special Needs: Support pillows, toys, and clothing for folks with unique physiques

Though earning an income from sewing clothing for people with atypical proportions is a plus, there is a higher purpose at work here.