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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Spinner's Flock

An hand-spinning guild with more than 200 active members.

UK Spinners And Felters

Do you spin yarn or make felt and live in the UK or Ireland? Join this group!

The spinner's web

This team is for encouragement, advice on all areas of handspinning.

Handspun Art Yarn

A team for handspun art yarn spinners & those who love handspun work & want to stay hip to what's hot in the fiber world!

Spectral Locomotive

My grandma used to spin yarns about a spectral locomotive that would rocket past the farm where she grew up.

Etsy Resolution

This team is a spin off from the Facebook group Etsy Resolution set up to assist new Etsy sellers with their shops.

Etsy Yarn-A-Holics

A Place Where Knitters, Hookers, and Spinners Unite.

Yarn n Fiber

For any one interested in things to do with yarn and/or fiber

Hand Embroidery Network EtsyTeam

For all members of the Hand Embroidery Network who are on Etsy!