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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Witches of Etsy

This is a team for witches who are proud to be so!!!

Artistic Spirituality: Art is My Religion

For anyone who feels a deep spiritual connection when they are creating art of any form.

Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit is an enlightening and empowering group created on Etsy for people all over the world to learn more about healthy living...

Leadership Skills

This is a faith based team for anyone interested in reading nuggets of wisdom about building character and becoming an effective leader.

Soulful Creations

We are a group dedicated to making products that help people physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Healing Crystals

Metaphysical & Healing Crystals

Heavenly Angel Team

A team for those who love angels.

Old Souls of the New Age

a place for all new age & spiritual merchants & practitioners to meet & swap wisdom

The Witch Crafters Guild

A place for a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan or those on any spiritual path to gather. For both buyers and sellers of witchcraft items and supplies.