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Product Review & Sponsors

Have you got a store that sells jewelry, beauty items or phone cases. Would you like more exposure? If yes for both, keep reading.

I Need Giveaway Sponsors!

I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog and need sponsors, help!

Product Reviews, Sponsors

We do product reviews, model and endorse. Beauty products, clothes & jewelry. Feel free to contact us if interested. We also do giveaways.

Blog and Sponsor Connection

A place for Bloggers and Etsy Sellers to connect for sponsorship opportunites including: placing ads, giveaways, and shop & product reviews.

Sponsors for Fluff Bum Babies

Searching for advertisement/sponsors for a natural parenting blog.

Young DJ looking for sponsors

I am a college-aged DJ looking to get sponsored

Giveaways, Blogs, and sponsors everything

Have giveaway, blog or want sponsors??? Join

Looking for Sponsors for a Giveaway

I am looking for sponsors to do a give away on my Tumblr blog: bright-sunny-sky.tumblr.com

Sponsor giveaway/product review on Momlife blog

Mom blog seeking sponsors for product review/giveaways