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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


VINTAGE awesomeness from St. Louis, MO!

MAKE St. Louis

Handmade items made in and around St. Louis, MO (within 60 miles of St. Louis city).


Art and Craft supplies- Etsy approved supply products.

St. Louis Artists

A team for artists in St. Louis, MO to share our local small business.

Saint Louis Etsy

This group is dedicated to promoting local shops in and around the Saint Louis area.

ShowMe Etsy - St. Louis Metro and surrounding areas

We are a moderated team and hold membership drives as needed.

Big Red

Appreciate, Promote & Buy Locally in St. Louis

St. Louis Etsy Connection

This team is for all St. Louis Etsy Shop owners. The goal of this team is to expand all St. Louis sellers clientele and connect for events.

St Louis Rock Starlets

St Louis Rock goddesses who share a common bond in expressing themselves through their creativity and love of garden, art/craft, music