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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

University of St. Thomas Staff

Hourly and non-exempt staff and retirees of UST

"Style Eyes" Staff Picks

Staff of the blog "Style*Eyes" selects Etsy's most stylish designs and creations for its readers.

no staff here just an individual shop owner

just me sharing my very own handmade goodies

Meet the Etsy Admin

One Admin, two Admin, see the list grow! We are a group dedicated to collecting all the folks who make Etsy tick from the inside out.

Admin Makers

We make Etsy, and we also make art, jewelry, food, clothing, photography, music, accessories... What do you make, Admin?

Fire Performers

This is a group for all people who performer any type of prop manipulation with fire.

Washington University Etsy

Hey ya'll, let's be a team! Spread the word, create treasuries, add one another to our circles, boost some sales bro!

Etsy Shipping Team

Members of the Etsy shipping team (Staff Only)