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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

SEO, Marketing & Strategy for Etsy

Still Relying on Old SEO Tricks? Here's What Works Now!

Digital Strategies and Social Media

This team is dedicated to the development of your etsy shop's social media marketing and digital strategies

dickinson bankruptcy john hartley business strategy

Dickinson Bankruptcy John Hartley According to a recent study Altares, openings adjustments or bankruptcies rose 10% in 2008. However, ther

Etsy shops

This shop is all about getting your items out there and strategically connecting with other sellers

Fresh Outta the Box

For anyone just starting out on Etsy! Or anyone who wants to share some advice for the newbies!


ANYONE is welcome - the only qualification is that you make your items YOURSELF, and they are UNIQUE, just like you!!!


A place for UK sellers to promote their products and share marketing and advertising tips to improve sales.

Featuring each other etsy shop on blogs

I would like to meet other bloggers that own the etsy shop and feature them on my blog in exchange for featuring my etsy shop.


Resolving obstacles to meeting goals on Etsy.