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Fashion & Style Lovers

Anyone interested in fashion & style

Italian style of jewelry

Italian style of jewelry is a team for for all those who love jewelry and Italian style

Pure Unique Style Team

A treasury / promotion / support team. Juried to accept only truly unique, high-quality sellers. Team tag: PureUnique

Weddings Portland Style

A place for locals to buy and sell locally, rather than from a catalog or across the country!

beauty and style

A team for all involved in beauty and style. eveyone is invited to join and share there items and links.

Interior Design Style

We are collection of Etsy members who specialize in everything related to Interior Design and Home & Garden decor.

Sin with style

An Etsy team for anyone in the Ohio area or surrounding areas selling handcrafted goth, alternative, or simply unique items.

Pay It Forward - Treasury Style

A team designed to help you promote your items, and those of your fellow teammates!