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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Supplier to Buyer

Do you sell supplies? Are you in need of supplies? Hello, meet each other :)

Suppliers, Crafters and Buyers!

This team is to allow suppliers with buyers and more

Fashion Chain supplier

All kinds of metal fashion chain supplier here

Supplier of Dreams Team

Hail the sellers who vend supplies to the artisans of Etsy! Promote yourself...promote others:) Have fun:)

Canadian Wedding Suppliers

This team is for Etsy shop owners based in Canada who specialize in wedding items and catering to the bride!

Leather Suppliers and Crafters

A place for those who buy and sell leather or leather craft supplies

Jewelry Club- Buyers, Makers & Suppliers

Join if you're an artist, supplier or a shopper! Jewelry makers & jewelry supply shops unite in one convenient location.

Card Crafters & Suppliers of Etsy

This team is dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping others learn and promote their shops!

Etsy Gem and Lapidary Suppliers

Gem and Lapidary Suppliers providing accurately described quality goods in keeping with the standards and ethics of our industry

Pagan Vegan Artists and Suppliers

For Pagan Vegan Artists and Suppliers