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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Treasury Support

Who wants to get treasury support.. who become member on this team will be daily listed onother members treasury.

support and success

Expanding your business is always tough, but we can be here to help each other with support and advice.

Support & Share

To promote, share, ask questions and give tips

Etsy Support

This team is a place for new members to ask questions, experienced members and to share your newest items.


We are bloggers that support the Etsy handmade community.

Supporters of Education

This team is open to teachers and those who work to support the field of education.

Supportive Peas

A place where peas can help each other and support each other while they grow their businesses.

Supporting Handmade

This team is for anyone who is a crafter or artisan, someone who makes items by hand and who can cherish the talent of handmade

Support Group

Just a group of friends collaborating to help each other learn about and succeed here at Etsy and beyond (dat dat dat dah!)

Treasury Supporters

Create treasuries both for group treasuries, ones you have made or have been featured in and help gain views and favorites to help promote!