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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Swarovski Crystal

This team is specifically for those involved with swarovski crystals in their products.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

This is a team made specifically for those who makes Swarovski Crystal jewelry and those who likes them.

Swarovski Fans

For anyone that LOVES Swarovski Crystal!

Swarovski Beads

For who want to buy swarovski Beads in low price

Direct Ordering From Swarovski Team

The team captain is an authorized wholesaler for the Swarovski Elements Company. We pool our orders together to make order minimums.

Riverview Crafters

Team that get together for common good to help and give back to neighborhood

Deal hunters

Deal sharing, Awesome finds for Jewelery designers and crafters.


Bautiful handcrafted jewelry

Wire Wrapped Bridal Jewelry Artists

This team is for Jewelry Artists that sell or buy Wire Wrapped Bridal Jewelry. You can be a beginner or a longtime artists

Beads and Supplies Discount Buying Group

Fire Mountain Gems - ALWAYS! get the lowest list price available. NO minimum order. NO prepayment. International shipping.