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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Treasury Building Team

Feel free to use this as a Poster Sketch alternative until an official alternative is given. No Team Tag required.

Treasury Building Blocks

A treasury team that helps build your treasury ideas!

Unique Shop Building

Unique ways to help build your shop exposure!

Building Better Shops

Building Better Shops for Successful Promoting!

Artist and Artisans Building Success

A team to promote a successful Etsy Business. Learn marketing tips, gain more views and ultimately SALES! Yay!!!

Etsy Ireland Team

Building a strong craft community in Ireland.

Oregon Etsy Team

A team dedicated to promoting and exposing crafty Portland Etsians!

Crafters R Us

A group of crafters dedicated to helping each other succeed on Etsy.

Critique Sharing

This is a team of sharing critiques. If someone critiques your shop, you return the favor and critique their shop within 7 days.

Treasury Challenge Team

Weekly treasury challenge team, building treasuries for increased traffic.