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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A team for discussing DIY electronics kits.

Unique Shop Building

Unique ways to help build your shop exposure!

Build Your Business

Help one another with honest reviews.

Build Your Blog!

This team is for those that have a blog - to help gain new followers and ask blogging questions!

Artist and Artisans Building Success

A team to promote a successful Etsy Business. Learn marketing tips, gain more views and ultimately SALES! Yay!!!

Crafters R Us

A group of crafters dedicated to helping each other succeed on Etsy.

Quintessential Etsy

Qetsy is a treasury building team.

Etsy Ireland Team

Building a strong craft community in Ireland.

The Café Américain

Building friendships between Etsians.

Alliance Direct Management Crafting Team

Creating miniature skyscrapers and other caricatures of famous buildings