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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Team Polyvore

Let's follow one another on Polyvore!

Team Polaroid!

If you sell, collect, customize, or photograph using Polaroid cameras or other Instant film this is your team!

Team QI

For anyone that loves QI- quite interesting information

team 5


Team Hindi

People who love the beautiful culture and style of India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.

JOE team

A top-notch team exclusively for jewelry-makers.

Team Sparkle

A team working together to get their shops noticed.

CountryCents Team

Bringing together those who love Primitive and Country styles.

Team Q

Imagining a better world with a monosyllabic recursive backronym.

Team Reverie

This will be a juried team of carefully selected quality shops dedicated to promotion throguh treasuries and all other means available in th