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Rosary Sellers and Buyers

Team Where We Sell &/Or Buy Rosaries

Wedding Wonders

This team is for anyone with a shop that has items for weddings

The Pink Parlour Festival

A team for vendors, attendees, and fans of the Pink Parlour Festival

Product Marketing

This is a team to communicate about our Newbie Pilot Programs.

Machine Knitter's Unite

A team dedicated to all things involving Knitting Machines.

Nottingham crafters UK

The team for crafters and artists from around Nottingham, UK

English Speakers in Europe

The purpose of this team is for Europeans and Expats in Europe to network in English.

Figure Skating/Ice Skating enthusiasts

A team for everyone with ties to the world of figure skating

Michigan Silversmiths Guild (MSG)

A team to support Michigan Silversmith Guild Members

The Watching Dead

A team for fans of the Walking Dead TV series and zombies