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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Techniques & Materials

Share and seek advice about creating items.

Photography Techniques

A team for anyone who want to share their unique photography techniques, collaborate on new ideas, or discuss anything photography.

Lance Burstyn Miami company fascinating Profitable Techniques

Lance Burstyn Miami company fascinating Profitable Techniques

Autour du bijou

Une discution autour du bijou... techniques, inspirations, communications, dessins. A tout les passionés du bijou!

Soutache on Etsy

Open to anyone who collects, creates or creates with soutache. You can get help, share tips, ask questions and support or promote each other

Jewelers Unite!

For anyone that wishes to share tips and techniques with other members to improve their skills and their etsy shop.

Hand Crafted Designs

For all that design their own items by hand!

All things wool

For anyone who works with or creates with wool, whether you sell it on Etsy or work with it in your spare time!