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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Handmade Companion

love handmade? collect vintage? what a coincidence, so do we! join us to celebrate the handmade lifestyle.

More Meaningful Gifts (MMG)

MORE MEANINGFUL GIFTS (MMG) - custom, one of a kind creations, innovative designs, heirloom quality products fit to warm hearts:

Found Made Modern

The modern side of handmade.

Crave Handmade

A team for the Crave Handmade online magazine

Pure Handmade

We are a team for people who believe in Handmade, who want to share and learn about handmade and selling online. Everybody is welcome!!

On Fire for Handmade

If you are On Fire for Handmade than this is the team for you!

The Bridal District

If you specialize in creating original and handmade wedding products, please join our team!

Etsy Mud Team for makers of handmade pottery, clay sculpture, and other ceramic arts

The Etsy Mud Team's mission is to provide a center of community, learning, and promotion for the ceramics and pottery artists on Etsy.

Light Feet Tribe

The Light Feet Tribe promotes greater respect for our Planet and Humanity.

Sustainable Ethnic Textiles

Empowering Ethnic Women of Sapa through education, teaching design, marketing, creating independent makers, celebrating traditional textiles