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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Chat Man

For people's getting together and chat about the good shopping list we have at Etsy,we ROCK!!

The Man Cave

Cool stuff for men: books, art, clothing, furniture, personal accessories, any politically incorrect product made from blue collar hands.

Red Maned Of Etsy!

We are the Etsy branch of the Red Maned wolf pack :3

Friends Of The Green Man Gallery

A collection of Artists, Craftsmen and Women who work in and around the Green Man Gallery Buxton and those that appreciate their work

Made on the Isle of Man

A group of people who make and support handmade products from that misty island in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man.

Vintage Gentleman

Everything for the quintessential gentleman

The Avengers

Are you the good guy like the Avengers, or the bad guy, like Loki? Either way this is the team for you. A team based of all avengers stuff.

Knitting Men

Team for men to share their trials and tribulations as men of the yarn.

The legend of avenger time

This is a team for anyone who likes the the legend of korra, the avengers, and adventure time. You have to like all 3 to join.

Early America Re-enactors & Craftsmen

Reenactors of the French & Indian War and The American Revolution and Craftsmen