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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Find Me a Gift!

Know someone who's hard to buy for? Get suggestions here.

Catch My Party

We are a group of people who love all things related to handmade party goods.

Sucking at SALES Doesn't make me a bad artist, Does it?

Whoever struggle in SALES on ETSY Join our team to try to figure out why we do suck nah how to STOP on sucking at sales of our shop items.

Etsy Military Peeps

Military Peeps trying to make a living on Etsy

The Crafter's Society

A marketing page in cahoots with Facebook's group


A place to gather with Etsy friends who use Chatwagon!

Love, Share, and Promote

One Good Turn Deserves Another ;o)

S&S Support and Shop

S&S - Support by shopping for other cool items

Raise the Bar

Group of Suppliers who want to increase their productivity, by getting accountable to each other through goal setting.


For the trifecta of crafty entrepreneurs: Etsy, a dot com, and live sales