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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Thrift Haulers

Team for anyone who finds thrifted items for their Etsy shop and/or for themselves!

Thrifted Clothes

A team of people who love wearing/buying thrifted clothing.

Thrift Thriller

I want to hear about all the treasures others find in their local thrift store


Get discounts on Select clothing Before the Etsy Public!!

Thrift Store Scores

A place to share your thrill of finding some thing cool that was somehow once overlooked!

nifty thrifty

a team for anyone who loves thrifted items

Thriftbreak Treasury Team

Treasury making team for vintage sellers who use the hashtag #thriftbreak on Twitter.

Colorado Thrifters

Vintage shop owners of all kinds coming together in the Denver Metro area (Denver/Boulder) to sell their treasures!

Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling is a treasury team of vintage sellers and vintage buyers.


For fellow Vinted users.