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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Just a place for all of the thrifters out there to share what they've found and such!

Colorado Thrifters

Vintage shop owners of all kinds coming together in the Denver Metro area (Denver/Boulder) to sell their treasures!

Thrifted Clothes

A team of people who love wearing/buying thrifted clothing.

Thrift Haulers

Team for anyone who finds thrifted items for their Etsy shop and/or for themselves!

Thrift Store Scores

A place to share your thrill of finding some thing cool that was somehow once overlooked!

nifty thrifty

a team for anyone who loves thrifted items

Thriftbreak Treasury Team

Treasury making team for vintage sellers who use the hashtag #thriftbreak on Twitter.

Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling is a treasury team of vintage sellers and vintage buyers.


For fellow Vinted users.


for those of us who love a good junk day.