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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Time Travelers Team

A group of SteamPunk, CyberGoth and Victorian Artisans


Steampunkers | A supportive team to help promote, foster and admire Steampunk, Victorian, Neo-Victorian, or Edwardian Designers on Etsy.

Etsy Outlaws

Welcome All Outlaws, Nobles, Pirates, Gypsies, Time Travelers, Bootleggers, Gunslingers, Rebels & Old Souls.....


Welcome back into the shadows. I've created this team for anybody that loves DARK SHADOWS, and I'd love to have You!

Etsy Cruisers

This team is for all Etsians who love cruising.

Ultimate Etsy Shopping Bazaar

If you love vintage, handmade, colour, shopping, travel, food, sewing & craft, kids and a little time out for fun - you'll love it here!

Inspired By California and Baja California

This team is where artisans can see where the next creative field trip is. Where we can step out of the studio and be inspired.

The Labyrinth Makers

A select group of artisans who create items inspired by fantasy and the movie 'The Labyrinth'

Social Creatives

Organizing hands-on, social change projects for people with self taught skills.

sublime treasuries

sublime: beautiful. satisfying to the senses. aesthetically pleasing. appreciating the extra-ordinary.